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Dragon CityEdit

Dragon city Wiki é a wiki colaborativo dedicado ao jogo,Dragon City.Todos são bem-vindos para editar,adicionar imagens e partilhar os seus conhecimentos.para obter informações mais upto-date no site Wikia Dragon City, visite a seção Notícias. não fique anônimo,tomar o seu tempo para entrar ou ligando para o Facebook


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Advertisement | Your ad hereDragon City Wiki is the collaborative wiki dedicated to the game, Dragon City. All are welcome to edit, add images, and share their knowledge. For the most up-to-date information on this Wikia site and the Dragon City Game, visit the News section. Don't be Anonymous, take your time to login or by connecting to Facebook (?).*[1]

Dragon CityEdit

Learn all about the game!

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Explore the many types of dragons!

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Learn how to play Dragon City.

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Farms, Habitats and more!

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Pure Breeds: Earth/ Fire/ Water/ Plant/ Electric/ Ice/ Metal/ Dark[ Part Earth: ]Flaming Rock/ Vulcano/ Mud/ Waterfall/ Tropical/ Cactus/ Star/ Chameleon/ Alpine/ Snowflake/ Armadillo/ Hedgehog/ Venom/ Poo/ Paladin[ Part Fire: ]Flaming Rock/ Vulcano/ Cloud/ Blizzard/ Firebird/ Spicy/ Laser/ Hot Metal/ Cool Fire/ Soccer/ Medieval/ Steampunk/ Vampire/ Dark Fire/ Robot/ Butterfly[5][ Part Water: ]Mud/ Waterfall/ Cloud/ Blizzard/ Nenufar/ Coral/ Lantern Fish/ Storm/ Icecube/ Ice Cream/ Mercury/ Seashell/ Poo/ Petroleum/ Pirate[6][ Part Plant: ]Tropical/ Cactus/ Firebird/ Spicy/ Nenufar/ Coral/ Gummy/ Dandelion/ Mojito/ Jade/ Dragonfly/ Carnivore Plant/ Rattlesnake/ Butterfly[7][ Part Electric: ]Star/ Chameleon/ Laser/ Hot Metal/ Lantern Fish/ Storm/ Gummy/ Fluorescent/ Moose/ Battery/ Gold/ Neon/ Paladin[8][ Part Ice: ]Alpine/ Snowflake/ Cool Fire/ Soccer/ Icecube/ Ice Cream/ Dandelion/ Mojito/ Fluorescent/ Moose/ Pearl/ Platinum/ Penguin[9][ Part Metal: ]Armadillo/ Medieval/ Steampunk/ Mercury/ Seashell/ Jade/ Dragonfly/ Battery/ Gold/ Pearl/ Platinum/ Zombie/ Robot[10][ Part Dark: ]Hedgehog/ Venom/ Vampire/ Dark Fire/ Poo/ Petroleum/ Pirate/ Carnivore Plant/ Rattlesnake/ Neon/ Penguin/ Zombie[11][ Special Hybrids: ]Poo/ Armadillo/ Petroleum/ Cool Fire/ Soccer/ Gummy/ Pirate[12][ Legendary: ]Wind/ Legendary/ Crystal/ Mirror[13] Dragon City is a game on Facebook where the main objective of it is Breeding, raising, Training, and selling for Gold exotic Dragons, the only thing that sets this apart from other games is the fact that this game does not use 'energy' points that most facebook games use, which take time, certain items, and/or money. Another rather nice feature in the game are Gems. While you can buy them, the game makes it fairly easy to more for free through a variety of methods listed below. If your new to the game, or lost, start with the basics as this is the suggested and recommended page to visit is Basics to get started, or to find your way again.

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